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Romance and flowers have gone well together forever. Floral Expresions flowers will compliment a day, week, or a month of romance. Sending red roses is the ultimate romantic gesture. Whether you choose one dozen, two dozen, or 200 red roses, Floral Expressions can prepare the perfect arrangement for you . Do not forget that there are many other options available besides red roses to celebrate love and romance. Oriental lilies for example are a fantastic and pretty alternative. Please check out our Lily Bouquet, or Celebration Bouquet as an alternative to the traditional red rose bouquet.

Single Rose
from $60.00
Lily Bouquet
from $60.00
Mixed Exotic Bouquet
from $90.00
Celebration Bouquet
from $90.00
Deluxe Mixed Flower Bouquet
from $130.00
Impressive bouquet
from $95.00
Six Roses
from $65.00
Colour of Summer
from $170.00
Fifty rose spectacular
from $750.00
Dainty Roses
from $100.00
Amazing bouquet
from $250.00
pretty in pink
from $110.00
Parramatta sunrise
from $120.00
Rose mix bouquet
from $100.00
Romantic Red Roses
from $150.00
White Beauty Bouquet
from $80.00
Bright Bouquet
from $120.00
Elegant bouquet
from $80.00
Florist Choice | Designer Choice
from $50.00
Stunning arrangement
from $150.00
Roses | Rose Bouquets
from $120.00

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