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Colours of roses and their meanings.

Published: Monday 3 April 2023

Colours of roses and their meanings.

We have all heard that roses are red and violets are blue, but what about the other colours of roses? Roses are perhaps the most commonly known flowers. Here are some common meanings associated with different colours of roses:

  • Red:

Red roses are perhaps the most well-known symbol of love and passion. They can also represent courage, respect, and beauty.

  • Pink:

Pink roses are often associated with admiration, gratitude, and sweetness. They can also symbolize love, femininity, and gentleness.

  • White:

White roses are often used in weddings and other formal occasions, as they represent purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They can also symbolize sympathy or honor.

  • Yellow:

Yellow roses are associated with friendship and joy, and can also represent a new beginning or a sense of freedom.

  • Orange:

Orange roses are often given as a symbol of enthusiasm, excitement, or desire. They can also represent appreciation or admiration.

  • Purple:

Purple roses are often associated with royalty, elegance, and mystery. They can also symbolize enchantment, love at first sight, or a sense of wonder.

  • Blue:

Blue roses are do not grow naturally, but can represent a sense of mystery, the unattainable, or a desire for the impossible.

It's important to note that the meanings of colours can vary somewhat depending on cultural context and personal interpretation. Some other colour meanings are depicted in the picture below.