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How to order flowers online

Published: Friday 7 September 2018

How to order flowers online

How to order flowers online.

If you’d like to know how to order flowers online, follow these simple rules. Firstly make sure that you have the correct address of the recipient. If the flowers are going to a business address, make sure you know what department. Also having a contact telephone number will help the courier if the is a problem with the delivery. Secondly, search for a local florist by typing “Florist [suburb name]” into Google, or whichever search engine you prefer.

This is where it gets a little tricky. A lot of results on Google will show you order gathering websites pretending to be local florists. For example, searching “Florist Baulkham Hills” returns 20 results on the first page, but only 5 refer to actual florist shops in the area. Moreover only 2 listings are for a florist actually located in Baulkham Hills!!! That means that out of 20 listings, 15 are order gathering websites. These sites are build by businesses to fool you into thinking that they are an actual florist in the area. In fact they are an office that might be located in Perth, or Hong Kong, or Philippines. What happens is they take your online flower order and then pass it on to a real flower shop after deducting a hefty commission. These commissions may range from 20% to 60%. So, your $100 order, placed with them, may only turn out to be $40 after the order gatherer deducts their cut.


How to avoid order gathering websites.

In order to avoid getting ripped off, always look for a local address on the website. So, if you are sending flowers to Baulkham Hills, open the website and search for their Contact, or About Us page. There, look for a local address in Baulkham Hills. If you can’t find it anywhere, call them and ask for their address, so you could visit them. If they refuse, you know that they are pretending to be in Baulkham Hills.