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How to order flowers for Mother’s Day

Published: Wednesday 6 April 2016

How to order flowers for Mother’s Day

How to order flowers for Mother’s Day? Some people, who think that they know how to do it, actually get it very wrong. Yes, you can make mistakes when ordering flowers. Getting them delivered to your mum opens a huge mistake riddled minefield.  These mistakes can lead to enormous frustrations, financial as well as emotional. Following are a few simple Do’s and Dont’s on how to avoid getting disappointed when ordering flowers for Mother’s Day.

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Let’s start with our choices: you can order flowers from a flower shop, or on-line. You can also purchase flowers from a variety of outlets such as fruit shops, supermarkets, service stations, markets etc.


  1. The most efficient way of getting your flowers ordered and delivered is to walk into a flower shop. If you know exactly what you want to order, then you control the process: you can choose the blooms and the florist will expertly look after them. If you are unsure what to send then let the florists help you. They can talk to you and suggest the most appropriate flowers for the occasion. They can recommend a colour scheme, size and functionality of your arrangement.  They will offer advice on how to write a message on the card to accompany the flowers conveying your thoughts and emotions.  A card message hand written by yourself is a wonderful, personal touch. Finally, florists at the flower shop will discuss with you the most appropriate delivery time. Often the delivery will be done by their own staff who are trained in handling flowers. When a florist delivers their own flowers they take extra special care not to bruise the blooms, or damage the wrapping. Ordering flowers directly from a local flower shop provides the best value for money.
  2. Walking in person into a flower shop is the best and most efficient way of ordering flowers to be delivered. If you cannot physically walk in due to your busy day, then the next best thing is to call a flower shop and arrange it all on the phone. You still get all the advantages of being able to discuss your order, you just won’t be able to include a hand written message card from yourself; the florist will do it all on your behalf.
  3. In our digital age most flower shops will also have an on-line store. You can place your order by clicking and you just don’t get the added personal touch of discussing your order with a human being. Sometimes the flowers you order on line may not be available at the store on that day, or they may be out of season, or the weather conditions affect their availability. Make sure that the online webpage is actually run by a local florist with a local address and phone number.


  1. Don’t order flowers online from the first paid advertisement that pops up when you Google “Florist”. Most of those paid advertisements are for order gathering companies. These companies are internet businesses that gather orders and then send them to real local florists to make up and deliver. They work from an office, are staffed by a call centre and may even be located overseas. The problem is that they will take a huge commission from your order before sending it to a real florist. Most will take between 21% and 30% from your order, some will take up to 50%!! So a $100 bouquet that you paid for may turn into a $50 bunch by the time your mum gets it. Wouldn’t you prefer to get better value for your money? Moreover, the florists who make up theses flowers for order gatherers do not care about the quality of flowers and the way they get delivered. Internet is full of these sites, to learn who they are read here.
  2. Don’t buy flowers from a supermarket. While their prices may be tempting, the quality of flowers is questionable. Supermarkets usually source their flowers in bulk and therefore can get better prices, however, the flowers are shipped through a number of warehouses before they get to you. They are handled by a number of warehouse operators and are usually old by the time they get displayed for sale. Therefore sometimes, supermarket bought flowers will only last a day or two when you deliver them. Wouldn’t you prefer to get better value for your money?
  3. Don’t buy flowers from a service station. See point 2 above. Additionally, service station flowers are usually displayed outside at the mercy of the elements.

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So, if you are considering buying flowers for Mother’s Day, please ensure that you deal with a real, local flower shop in order to get the maximum value for your money.


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