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Don’t pay too much online

Published: Monday 20 June 2016

Don’t pay too much online

We have discussed online order gatherers here and here. This blog is designed to help you avoid them and save you money.

Order gathering websites are designed to catch your order online, charge a commission and pass it on to a real florist for design and delivery. In the process they may pocket between 21% and 50% of the value of your order. Naturally you should try and place your order with a real florist to get full value for your money.

Avoiding these websites is not easy. Out of 16 results on the first page of Google on my mobile for “Florist Northmead”, 10 were order gatherers, 2 were for Yellow Pages, and 2 were for florists outside the area. Those 10 order gathering websites have some things in common.

Firstly, they will not list a local address. That’s because they are not located locally. Their website is designed to service people across Australia, so a person in Perth will see the same website as the person in Penrith.

Secondly, they will offer huge discounts. When a florist website offers you a 45% discount it is a warning sign. Real florists operate on very low margins and offering such a huge discount would be catastrophic to a real florist.

Thirdly, they are usually the only ones who can afford to advertise on Google. Therefore, their listings may have a little “Ad” prefix and be listed in the top section of your results in the pay per click section as shown below. 

Staying away from order gathering websites will save you money. Always look for a local florist to send your flowers. They will be listed in the Local Search area of Google (see above).

If you are still not sure, pick up the phone, call them and ask them if they are located locally. If they say yes, then ask them for an address so you could visit their shop. Only real, local florists will give you this information, order gatherers will not.

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