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Flower Delivery Courier in Sydney

Published: Sunday 11 October 2020

Flower Delivery Courier in Sydney

Delivering flowers is really one of life’s joys. I am usually greeted at the door by a surprised recipient who is eager to find out who sent them flowers. There are smiles, excited oooo’s and aaaah’s. At the offices, curious receptionists want to find out who the lucky recipient is and even more; who the sender is. Excited heads pop up like mearcats in the savannah when I walk through rows of cubicles to bring flowers in to a specific office desk. Yes, delivering flowers can be fun. Or not. What should be happy deliveries sometimes turn into nightmares. Yes, sometimes I have been so annoyed at this job, that I considered giving it up and delivering steaks for Uber Eats, or Menulog, or both.

My frustration always stems from the fact that delivery instructions are incomplete, or totally wrong. Getting an order going to a girl at 100 George St Parramatta is a shot in the dark. That is a 7 storey office tower, housing hundreds of Western University students and a large number of companies, as well as short term leased office spaces. Putting recipients mobile number is a must on every order, however, if the recipient does not answer, then I stand like a statue in the foyer, trying to leave a message, hoping that the recipient is not in a lecture for the next hour, or a sales meeting for the rest of the afternoon.

In the meantime I have seventeen other deliveries that need to be completed before lunchtime to schools and other time sensitive places. Ohh how frustrating that the sender did not put a company name where the intended recipient worked, or been more specific about which level they would be on.

In such situations, I have to call the flower shop and ask the florist to look up the contact telephone number of the sender of the flowers.I then hope that they answer my call and provide more information. Some buildings have concierge desks that may be able to search the recipients names. Here is a handy hint: always provide surnames when sending flowers to offices, especially to really big companies. Sending flowers to Annie at Coca-Cola in Westmead is a recipe for disaster as there may be multiple Annies and that company has multiple locations in Westmead. While your delivery is the most important to you, I have many others to complete and they are just as important to all the other senders. Time is always of the essence.

So please, make life better for everyone: when sending flowers always ensure that you provide surnames, mobile numbers as well as company name and any other details that make your delivery go smoothly. Thank you, your friendly flower delivery courier.