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Are blue roses real?

Published: Tuesday 10 January 2023

Are blue roses real?

Blue roses exist, fact, or fiction?

Instead of making you read the whole article to get the answer to this question, we are going to say that blue roses do not exist in nature, but you can buy them at Floral Expressions.

How is that posssible?

Simple; roses do not have a blue DNA, their gene pool does not contain any blue, therefore you could not even cross-breed them to produce a blue rose. Even though there are rose varieties called Blue Moon and Rhapsody in Blue, you just cannot grow a blue rose in nature.

Having, said that, it is still possible to have a blue rose delivered, or include blue roses in your wedding bouquet. 

If blue roses do not exist, how can you have them delivered?

Well, here at Floral Expressions, we can deliver blue roses all over Sydney. While we cannot supply you with a naturally grown blue rose, we take a white rose and colour it blue.

There are a few ways of colouring roses: they can be dyed, or they can be spray painted. Getting the dyed variety in is harder and more expensive than sprayed roses. Their shelf life may differ, as dyed blue roses get imported from overseas.

So, if you need a bunch of dyed blue roses please order in advance to allow time for importation.

Spray painted blue roses, are much more readily available. Floral Expressions has delivered many blue rose bouquets.

So if you'd like blue roses delivered in Sydney this Valentine's Day call us on 02 9683 1116 and we will get it done.