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Sydney flowers delivered by local Sydney florist

Published: Sunday 24 July 2016

Sydney flowers delivered by local Sydney florist

Ordering flowers to deliver to someone in Sydney, Australia is not difficult. However there are a few important points you should keep in mind when ordering flowers in Sydney.

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Firstly, you need to know that Sydney metropolitan area consists of approximately 210 suburbs spanning an area of 12,145 km² (4,689 sq mi). Sydney area covers  146 km (84.5 mi) north to south and 145 (90.7 mi) east to west and it takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours to drive from one end to another, depending on the traffic.

When you order flowers for someone living in Sydney, you need to know in which suburb they live. When placing your flower order on line, putting Sydney in the delivery address area may result in your order being delayed, or a large delivery fee charged. To avoid these issues you need to know the suburb of the recipient and then find a real, local florist to make up and deliver your order. Your delivery fee should be around $15.00.

10533115_591950740925450_3991020235761463590_nThe internet is full of order gathering “middle-men” that pretend to be located in the suburb you choose in order to take the order, charge a massive commission and then re-send it to a local florist. For example, when searching for a ” North Rocks florist” in a Sydney suburb of North Rocks, we find 10 results, with only one result showing a florist actually located in North Rocks. Out of the remaining 9 results, 2 are for florists in neighbouring suburb of Carlingford, 1, for another close suburb of Northmead and the rest are order gathering websites and call centres, some of which are not even located in Sydney. Our smart phone search also included 3 extra paid advertisements for order gatherers one of which is a company located outside Australia.

These order gathering websites will take your order and send it to a real florist for delivery. They will charge up to 50% commission in the process, so your $100.00 purchase may only be a $50.00 order made up by the florist.

Therefore, always ensure that you have the name of the suburb when placing your flower orders on line and locate a local florist to deliver your flower order. When searching the internet look for a local address in the About Us, or Contact tabs, or look in the Google local area.

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