Mother’s Day

Phalaenopsis Orchid Sydney

Phalaenopsis Orchids Sydney

Buy flowers here: One of the most popular plants in Sydney flower shops is the phalaenopsis orchid. Also known as moth orchids due to their distinctive blooms, these elegant plants are long lasting and can be easy to care for. We are often asked how to care for them as some people have a […]

Baulkham Hills Florist

How to order flowers for Mother’s Day

How to order flowers for Mother’s Day? Some people, who think that they know how to do it, actually get it very wrong. Yes, you can make mistakes when ordering flowers. Getting them delivered to your mum opens a huge mistake riddled minefield.  These mistakes can lead to enormous frustrations, financial as well as emotional. Following […]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day when you show your mother that extra care and attention. Yes, you should make sure that your mother feels special every day, but with our busy lifestyles we often forget to call her, or we don’t visit her as often as we should, or we just take her for […]

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