Flower delivery

Diary of a flower delivery courier

Delivering flowers is really one of life’s joys. I am usually greeted at the door by a surprised recipient who is eager to find out who sent them flowers. There are smiles, excited oooo’s and aaaah’s. At the offices, curious receptionists want to find out who the lucky recipient is and even more; who the […]


Flower lovers update August 2019

August has arrived and a great variety of your favourite flowers are now available including Phaleanopsis orchids, Cymbidium orchids, Sweet pea, Anemone, Anthurium, Field freesia, Tetra nuts, Teasel, Gum nuts and Mallacca balm. Ranunculus are just starting but it will be slim pickings for a while yet so please order in advance as numbers are […]


Flower lovers update July 2019

Hello flower lovers, We are powering through this winter and we hope you are keeping warm during these cold nights. We cannot wait until the warmer months of spring bring us sunshine and a wider variety of our favourite flowers. While hydrengea are finished for the season, another summer favourite is still available. That’s right, […]

Merry Christmas Floral Expressions

Merry Christmas from Floral Expressions

Wishing all of our customers (even the grumpy ones) a Merry, Wonderful, Fantastic, Loving Christmas and a Happy, Safe, Fruitful New Year. We thank all our mums, dads, kids, grandmas, grandpas, friends, secret admirers, lovers, travellers, small business owners, big businesses, tradies, bakers, educators, cake makers, real estate agents, supermarket workers, pre-school teachers, flight attendants, […]

Olivia Rose Austin

David Austin Roses

David Austin passed away this month and Floral Expressions would like to express our deepest sympathies to the Austin family. David Austin was the best known breeder of roses in the world.  While David Austin became interested in horticulture as a teenager it wasn’t until later in life that he made his mark on the […]

Ordering flowers online.

How to spot a good florist online.

The internet is a great tool for searching whatever goods, or services you need. Flowers fit neatly into Google search space as many people search flower names to see what they look like, or to find out when they are available, or to send bunches of flowers to their loved ones. Examples of some of […]


Floral Winter Fest

Well, winter has truly arrived in Sydney. While Sydney CBD is enjoying 6 degrees Celsius, temperatures in suburbs such as Campbelltown, Camden and Badgery’s Creek have dropped to minus 1 degree. So, besides staying in bed with a hot cup of soup and turning your heater up to maximum, how can you make your day […]


Floral Expressions the best florist in Australia.

Floral Expressions is proud to announce being awarded Florist of the Year by the Australian Flower Industry Magazine. Together with our Local Business Awards for Outstanding Florist in Parramatta 3 years running, we are very excited to have become the favourite florist in Sydney for so many happy customers. Buy flowers here:     […]

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