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Winter is coming!

So winter is upon us and Eastern states have been feeeling particularly cold already with the snow season opening early. Winter flower season tends to brings us a new batch of old favourites such as Tulips, Kale and Cymbidium orchids that have not been available during the summer months.  While hydrangea has finished, you can […]

Ordering flowers online.

How to spot a good florist online.

The internet is a great tool for searching whatever goods, or services you need. Flowers fit neatly into Google search space as many people search flower names to see what they look like, or to find out when they are available, or to send bunches of flowers to their loved ones. Examples of some of […]

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School Fundraising

Floral Expressions School Fundraising Program is here to relieve the burden of fundraising by local schools. From Trivia Nights, to Fetes, Bingo, graduations, dances, car boot sales, etc, the demands for extra funds are never ending. We also have children in primary schools and we understand how important fundraising is to our school in buying […]


Floral Winter Fest

Well, winter has truly arrived in Sydney. While Sydney CBD is enjoying 6 degrees Celsius, temperatures in suburbs such as Campbelltown, Camden and Badgery’s Creek have dropped to minus 1 degree. So, besides staying in bed with a hot cup of soup and turning your heater up to maximum, how can you make your day […]


On line florist Sydney

  With Valentine’s Day approaching there will be a lot of flowers purchased on line for delivery around Sydney. Valentine’s Day is the busiest period for Sydney florists, it is also the biggest day for on line orders. If you are considering buying flowers on line this Valentine’s Day, there are a few pitfalls to […]

Phalaenopsis Orchid Sydney

Phalaenopsis Orchids Sydney

Buy flowers here: One of the most popular plants in Sydney flower shops is the phalaenopsis orchid. Also known as moth orchids due to their distinctive blooms, these elegant plants are long lasting and can be easy to care for. We are often asked how to care for them as some people have a […]

Sydney florist

Flower meanings – Floral Expressions

Would you like to add a special dimension to your flower delivery? Most flowers have a special meaning and sending them convey particular sentiments. Flower meanings are listed below.  Buy flowers here: Acacia Blossom– Concealed Love Alstroemeria– Friendship Ambrosia– Your Love is Reciprocated Amaryllis– Splendid Beauty Anemone– Forsaken, Fading Hope Azalea– Take Care of […]

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